Nitrazepam falls under the class of benzodiazepines and marketed as Mogadon. They are widely used for the treatment of panic attacks, sleep disorders. Sleep plays an important role in maintaining the normal function of the brain and other body parts.

Disturbed sleep is one of the most common problems caused by stress. The main reasons are mental stress, lack of exercise, poor sleep environment, and bad lifestyle. People can easily buy nitrazepam for a complete solution to sleep problems. You can also buy nitrazepam 10mg for the treatment of severe seizure attacks. Nitrazepam pills also act as a skeletal muscle relaxant.

How does nitrazepam works?

Nitrazepam pills create calming effects on the brain and maintain the chemical balance. This results in relaxing mind activity and producing sleep effects. It is reported that Nitrazepam dosage for sleep is for short term use only. It is a prescription drug and it must be taken before bedtime. This pill works for a complete seven to eight hours and absorbed in the liver.

What is Nitrazepam dosage?

Nitrazepam is marketed as scored, round and white tablets. They are available in strengths of 5mg and 10mg in the form of tablets. This medicine is prescribed after carrying out proper check-up and tests. You must always tell the physician about your health condition, allergy history before they advise you nitrazepam pills. Old age people are more sensitive to the effects of nitrazepam and dosage should be taken with care.

The doctor will advise you to start from the dose of 2.5mg to treat disturbed sleep. The dosage duration is generally for eight to ten days. Longer use of nitrazepam can result in addiction. This medicine is meant for use by¬† 18 years and above only. It must be given to children, young kids after taking doctors’ advice.

Precautions while taking nitrazepam

Nitrazepam tablets are not fit for use by pregnant women. It is also not suitable for use by breastfeeding mothers because it can cause serious side effects on the baby. They have sleep producing effects so don’t perform high alertness activities like driving, cycling, skating, cooking. You should never change or stop its dosage suddenly.

Never drink alcohol while you are taking nitrazepam pills. The side effects some people might experience are loss of coordination, vomiting, mental confusion, diarrhea, tiredness. In case of any serious side effects, immediately seek medical attention. Never misuse this pill as it can lead to addiction or even death. Expired medicine must be thrown away properly. Never share your medicine with any unknown or drug abuser.